PEZ Featured Fan - Britt

Today we're featuring this great collection from Britt!

How long have you been collecting PEZ?
3 years at our middle school library.

What was your first PEZ dispenser? 
The Avengers!

How many PEZ are part of your collection? 
About 400.

What advice would you give to those looking to start collecting? 
Have fun doing it. Our collection is unique because it is part of our middle school library. So it’s really a cool school collection!

What is your favorite thing about PEZ? 
Collecting new Pez and talking about them with the students at our school. Every day we get asked about the Pez in the library. We even have teachers, students, and parents that help add to our collection! In today’s society, any extra way to connect with our students is welcome. This is probably the most unique way to connect with them that I have seen in 16 years of being in education.
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