Fun Facts about PEZ!

Take a peek at our 28 fun facts! Interested in learning more about PEZ? Check out over 90 years of sweet history!

Fun Fact #1

PEZ was first introduced in 1927 in Vienna, Austria as a breath mint for adults!

Fun Fact #2

The word PEZ was created using the first, middle and last letter in the German word for peppermint PfeffErminZ.

Fun Fact #3

What major league baseball team hosted the very first PEZ dispenser day at the ball park?

  • A) Minnesota Twins
  • B) Philadelphia Phillies
  • C) Chicago Cubs
  • D) New York Yankees

Fun Fact #4

The first PEZ dispensers were know as regulars and did not have character heads on them. They were marketed to adults as an alternative to smoking. Original dispensers have sold for more than $100 each!

Fun Fact #5

What is the best selling PEZ dispenser of all time?

  • A) Peter PEZ
  • B) Halloween Witch
  • C) Santa Claus
  • D) Easter Bunny

Fun Fact #6

When making a single piece of PEZ Candy it takes 3,000 pounds of pressure to compress the sugar into the familiar brick shape of a PEZ Candy!

Fun Fact #7

Do you know what liquorice, coffee, and chlorophyll all have in common? They were all once PEZ candy flavors!

Fun Fact #8

The first national gathering of PEZ collectors was held on Saturday June 15, 1991 in Mentor, Ohio. Since then collector conventions have popped up all over the United States!

Fun Fact #9

In 2017, PEZ celebrated 90 years as a brand and continues to introduce new character dispensers all the time!

Fun Fact #10

PEZ dispensers are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide!

Fun Fact #11

Which flavor has never been used in PEZ candy in the United States?

  • A) Peach
  • B) Chocolate
  • C) Raspberry
  • D) Orange

Fun Fact #12

How many pieces of candy are in a regular size roll of candy?

  • A) 8
  • B) 12
  • C) 10
  • D) 14

Fun Fact #13

What is the term for the small tabs located on the bottom of the dispenser base to help it stand upright?

  • A) Toes
  • B) Stands
  • C) Base Plates
  • D) Feet

Fun Fact #14

What is the name of the part located on the back of the dispenser head that pushes a single piece of candy out when the head is tilted backwards?

  • A) Tilter
  • B) Lifter
  • C) Kicker
  • D) Poker

Fun Fact #15

Which historic figure has not graced the top of a PEZ dispenser?

  • A) Albert Einstein
  • B) Betsy Ross
  • C) Daniel Boone
  • D) Uncle Sam

Fun Fact #16

Jagoda (ja’goda) used in Eastern Europe and Erdbeer used in Germany are the words for what popular candy flavor?

  • A) Strawberry
  • B) Lemon
  • C) Grape
  • D) Orange

Fun Fact #17

Eduard Haas III first invented PEZ candy as an alternative to smoking in 1927!

Fun Fact #18

PEZHedz© were soft candy chews introduced in 2014!

Fun Fact #19

There are currently 10 different flavors of PEZ candy available. How many can you name?

Fun Fact #20

“Feet” is the common term used to refer to the small tabs on the dispenser base to help it stand upright. They were first added to U.S. dispensers in 1987.

Fun Fact #21

The first PEZ dispenser was invented by Oscar Uxa in 1948!

Fun Fact #22

Which PEZ dispenser was featured on an episode of the popular Seinfeld television show?

  • A) Superman
  • B) Tweety Bird
  • C) Clown
  • D) Rabbit

Fun Fact #23

Glow in the dark Pez dispensers were first sold in the United States in 2002. Can you name those characters?

Fun Fact #24

Which character has never graced the top of a PEZ dispenser?

  • A) Orphan Annie
  • B) Peppermint Patty
  • C) Underdog
  • D) Wile E Coyote

Fun Fact #25

In what 1980’s movie is the following quote from: “If I could only have one food to eat for the rest of my life? That’s easy, PEZ. Cherry flavor PEZ. No question about it.”

Fun Fact #26

In PEZ terms, a dispenser with only a cap and no character head is called what?

  • A) A plain
  • B) A flipper
  • C) A regular
  • D) There is no such PEZ

Fun Fact #27

What fast food restaurant chain featured their mascot as a PEZ dispenser and used the following phrase in their advertisements- “Somebody call the PEZ hall of fame and tell them I’m on my way”?

Fun Fact #28

In the 1970’s & 80’s, PEZ used a clown as their mascot. What was his name?

  • A) Paul PEZ
  • B) Giggle PEZ
  • C) Smiley PEZ
  • D) Peter PEZ

Presidential Fun Facts

Hey parents and teachers! PEZ Presidential Dispensers add a fun new aspect to your home or classroom. Check out these ideas for using our PEZ Presidential Fun Fact Calendar, PEZ Presidential Trading Cards alongside your PEZ Presidential Dispensers!

Trading Cards

 Presidential Trading Cards PEZ

Click below to download and print your Presidential PEZ Trading Cards:

 Fun Facts Presidential Calendars

 Presidential PEZ Calendar

Click below to download and print your Presidential PEZ Calendars:

Classroom Ideas!

    • Add a fun twist to a research project. Ready for students to research the presidents? Place several sets of PEZ Presidential Dispensers in a bag. Invite students to reach in and choose one. Then have each student create a report for the president he or she selected. Students will enjoy snacking on their PEZ candies as they write their reports!

    • Make a mini-museum! Place your PEZ Presidential Dispensers in a central spot in your classroom. Next, have students find facts about the presidents and write them on index cards. Display them around each PEZ Presidential Dispenser in your classroom mini-museum!

    • Create a sorting activity. Challenge students to sort the PEZ Presidential Dispensers in different ways, such as by the state where the president was born or by the month in which he was born. Remind students to refer to their PEZ Presidential Trading Cards to find their facts.

    • Fill your prize box! PEZ Presidential Dispensers make a timely class reward!