Full Shipping & Return Policy information can be found here.

-Part of my order was damaged in transit, what do I do? 

Contact us via email - info@pezcandyinc.com please include photo(s) showing how the item(s) are damaged. If an item is damaged in transit the item will be replaced or refunded at our discretion. A dented bubble on a blister card or crease on a box that happens during transit does not constitute damage and will not be replaced. The packaging is designed to protect the contents, we will not replace items that have less than perfect packaging from issues that occur during transit. 

Do not initiate a claim with the carrier before contacting us first!

-I received an item I did not order or I am missing an item that I did order, what do I do?

Please email info@pezcandyinc.com with the missing item info and reference to your order number (Begins with S) within 10 days of receipt of your order. 

-Do you ship outside of the United States?

No.  Because of distribution agreements we have with some licensors, we are only able to ship product in the domestic United States. For the PEZ Online Store in Europe please shop the PEZ International Site at pez.at.

-How do I know if my order has shipped?

You will receive an email with confirmation of your order, once the order is processed you will receive a follow up message with tracking number that is linked to the carrier’s website. From there you will be able to determine when your order was shipped as well as when it is scheduled to be delivered.  

 -Can I have an order shipped to my post office box?

 Yes. We can ship small orders to P.O. boxes. 

-I live in the area, can I pick up my order at your warehouse?

No.  Orders placed on PEZ.com will be shipped from our warehouse to your address, no exceptions.

 -Do you save credit card information on your website? 

 No.  We do not store or have any way to retrieve your credit card information once your card has been charged.  That information and processing is handled by a company that specializes in safe, secure credit card transactions.

The stem color does not match what is shown in the picture, why?

We do our best to make sure the stem colors match what is shown in the picture but that is not always the case.  Sometimes a color change will be made from the initial concept to what is actually used in production.  This is part of the normal development process, we reserve the right to substitute or change stem colors when necessary.

-Will I be charged sales tax on my order?

Sales tax will be added to all orders that are shipped to addresses in the state of Connecticut only.

 -I bought too many items for my event and I would like to return part of my order, how do I do that?  

We are sorry; all sales through PEZ.com are final.  Once an order is placed it cannot be modified so please select carefully.

-Do you accept any other form of payment besides credit cards?  

We accept Apple Pay and Pay Pal in addition to Visa, Master Card , Discover or American Express.

-Can I buy from PEZ.com for resale purposes?

In order to provide as many consumers as possible the opportunity to purchase limited edition items, we reserve the right to limit quantities available for purchase.

Quantity limits may be applied per order, per person or household, or to orders that use the same credit card, billing and/or shipping address, or share any other account or order attribute.

We reserve the right to prohibit or limit sales to dealers or resellers. We define resellers as those purchasing with intent to resell the same item to a third party.

All orders are reviewed, and may be canceled at our discretion, at any time, for any reason.

Brick and mortar retailers may request more information about purchasing PEZ for their business by emailing info@pezcandyinc.com and requesting more information about purchasing PEZ directly or through a broker.  

-I need my order fast, do you ship overnight?

 Yes. Orders placed by 12:00 noon Eastern standard time can be shipped the same day via overnight delivery.  There is an additional fee for overnight delivery, you will need to call 1-877-404-8124 (Monday - Friday 10:00am- 4:00pm Eastern time) and speak with a customer service rep to place an order using overnight delivery.

-I lost my password, what do I do?

No problem.  Passwords can be sent to you from “My Account” located in the top right area of the Stores homepage.  Just enter the email address you used to create your account and we will email your password.

 -I lost the email you sent with my tracking number, can you send it to me again?

Email notifications, previous orders and the ability to change your account information can be seen in “My Account” located in the top right area of the Stores homepage. Click on “My Account” then “My Orders” from there you will be able to see orders you placed and the tracking information.

-How are the dispensers packaged?

All dispensers come with candy. If the item indicates it comes with 2 rolls of candy, it is packaged in a poly bag. If the item indicates it come with 3 rolls of candy, it is on a blister card. Unfortunately you cannot choose what form of packaging you would like with your dispenser.

-Can I add to an existing order or combine orders to save on shipping?

For security purposes we do not have access to your payment information to change the order, item numbers or alter the amount. The only option to combine orders, add or change items, is to request via email your original order(s) be cancelled (which can be done only if it has not yet processed)  When you receive confirmation of the cancellation, you can submit a new order with the requested changes. If you choose this option, please note; some items you had in your cart may have sold out or may no longer be available and the new order will move back in the processing queue.