PEZ Featured Fan - Joe Swendrowski

We're excited to feature this great collection from Joe Swendrowski! Check out Joe’s PEZ story:

How long have you been collecting PEZ?

21 years. It started when my mom when give me a new PEZ dispensers every time I won a wrestling match. This continued through high school. Even today she is always on the lookout for PEZ i may not have.

What was your first PEZ dispenser? 

Miss Piggy.

How many PEZ are part of your collection? 

Over 1,000!

What advice would you give to those looking to start collecting? 

Have fun with it! Attend a PEZ convention.

What is your favorite thing about PEZ? 

Seeing what they will come up with next, and how they started as a smoking alternative.

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 Joe Swendrowski