PEZ Featured Fan - Kyle

How long have you been collecting PEZ?
25 Years

What was your first PEZ dispenser? 
Thin Foot Smurf

How many PEZ are part of your collection? 

What advice would you give to those looking to start collecting? 
Have fun with it. There are no rules. Collect how you want to collect. Don’t be overwhelmed with prices at first, it can be intimidating. Just enjoy the ride. There are tons of amazing people in the PEZ community and we are all willing to help!

What is your favorite thing about PEZ?
The endless chase. I will never own them all, but I’ll get as close as I can. I love vintage color variations. There are so many variations on the vintage as far as color, country, color of parts etc. Every time I look at my PEZI find something else out and realize I need another variation of something. Mimic is my favorite, different shades of color on the heads, different shades of colors on the hats, and different stem colors.

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