PEZ Featured Fan - Wilfred

What was your first PEZ dispenser? 
PEZ Peanuts Lucy, bought her in a garage sale among others after that I started collecting non-stop

How many PEZ are part of your collection? 
1,000 between PEZ & Funko POP!+PEZ

What advice would you give to those looking to start collecting? 
Please join any Pez/Funko POP PEZ group, a great place to see other collector's collections and get advice from well known Pez collectors around the world. Follow Pez companies such as Pez Candy USA and Funko. Look for reference books such as Shawn Peterson Pez Collector's Book and John Laspina

What is your favorite thing about PEZ?
My favorite thing about PEZ is that I can meet people from all over the world, create new friendships, see other collector's collections and learn about the unique PEZ world. For me, it is an escape from reality and just knowing that some PEZ travels all over the world especially when they are purchased from other collectors. It's always intriguing to me who owns it before me, for example, vintage Pez way back from the 1940's

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