PEZ Featured Fan - JJ

Today we're featuring this great PEZ Collection from JJJ.J.

How long have you been collecting PEZ?
22 years. Some years more time is spent on the hobby than other years. I played with PEZ dispensers as a kid. But I didn’t start collecting them until I was in college, back in 1996. One day, I decided I need to start collecting something. I wanted something easy, so it was either PEZ dispensers or beer cans. I went with sweeter option.

What was your first PEZ dispenser? 
I can’t remember exactly. But I know it had a yellow stem. I think it was Fozzy Bear or Fred Flintstone

How many PEZ are part of your collection? 
At last count, 1,567. That includes many multiples of the same dispersers and all in my collector sets

What advice would you give to those looking to start collecting? 
Make your collection memorable. I bake and decorate an ugly PEZ cake for my son every year for his birthday. We have to buy new dispensers in order to get candy for the cake. It’s a fun tradition. And, don’t worry so much about keeping PEZ mint in the bag or mint on the card. PEZ isn’t about ROI, it’s about fun and sharing with others. Open them and share the fun before you add them to your collection.

What is your favorite thing about PEZ? 

Everyone seems to enjoy PEZ. Even if they’re not a collector. If you bring out a dispenser, such as Captain Jack Sparrow or the Death Star, and offer a candy to someone you know, it always brings on a smile. I also like how unique, popular and relatable dispensers can be. You can have anything from a Disney princess to a poop Emoji. Pez is fun and engaging, it makes people happy and helps start a conversation. What’s not to like?

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